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On 02/04/2019 WGN News – Medical Watch aired
the following piece to raise awareness and education
for the GPF mission.

Due to your tremendous generosity, the 10/27/18 Launch Event exceeded all expectations.

Saturday, approximately 300 people gathered at Northmoor Country Club in Highland Park for the formal unveiling of the Gregory Paul Friedman Foundation, dedicated to the memory of Friedman, who died in August 2017.

“He was a leader, he loved life and he was living it to the fullest extent,” said his mother, Nancy.

Besides showing a video that documented his life, Friedman’s parents told about how Greg, after graduating from Lake Forest High School in 2008, went on to attend Tulane University in New Orleans where he was a presidential scholar and played football — just as he had at Lake Forest High School.

Their 27-year-old son Greg died unexpectedly on Aug. 4, 2017 about a week after taking the recreational drug ecstasy (also known as MDMA and molly) at a San Francisco concert.

The Friedmans started the GPF Foundation in Greg’s memory over the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday. This was the organization’s first major public event.

The foundation is named for Greg, but also stands for Greg’s Path Forward, which references its mission of being “committed to saving lives by supporting education, appropriate treatment and overall awareness of the dangers related to recreational drug use.”

The series of events took Greg’s parents on a journey of inquiry and discovery, which connected them with two experts in the field of illicit drug use and related mood disorders. Dr. Joseph Palamar is an associate professor at the New York University Department of Population Health, and Dr. Jennifer Payne is a practicing psychiatrist and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University. The two served as keynote speakers at the foundation’s launch event.

“Right now there is a lack of funding for drug research,” [Palamar] said. “This is why [GPF] Foundation’s efforts are so critical.”

We are in the process of implementing programs and initiatives in the pursuit of saving lives and Greg’s Path Forward.

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